Kenneth Presley
VP Web Engineering

Kenneth Presley

Mr. Presley is a highly skilled Veteran with management and leadership skills developed during USAF deployment as a Crew Chief of a Tactical MMS. He has an extensive background in project development and management. His experience includes a wide range of data analysis and coordination, needs assessment, business analysis, risk management, project planning, reporting and client training.

Kenneth served as the Lead Developer and Project Manager at Software Research Laboratories. His role at Knights Armament / Knight Vision as a Special Operations Developer was an early glimpse into the IoT market. As a Special Operation Planner/Developer he developed applications with OOP PHP and Python, aiding departments to accomplish their work more effectively by consolidating data and providing intuitive user interfaces for quick and secure access and analysis of the data. He also developed an ISO document library used company wide. Kenneth's current project for aCARDIOz medical monitoring software extends to development of web applications, GIS data and mapping, data engagement science, project management, training applications, system administration and data analysis.

Kenneth attended Middle Tennessee State University, Anthropology/Computer Science. Early exposure to ESRI, ArcInfo and later ArcGIS led to developing software for landing zones for Lifeflight. Mobile telemetry units were used for coordination of data between EMS and hospital personnel during flight. He was the project lead on an enhanced 911 GIS system used by emergency personal in several counties.

His current studies include Data Science at Johns Hopkins University, Major: Data Science Management, Minor: Statistics and R Programming, Related course work: Exploratory Data Analysis, Reproducible Research, Statistical Inference, Regression Models and Practical Machine Learning.

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